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What if your child was choking, or if you came across an accident or a work colleague collapsed in front of you? Completing a basic First Aid course could be the best decision you make in someones life!

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Workplace First Aid Audit 

As an employer, work health and safety legislation requires you to have appropriate measures in place to protect the safety of your employees. One of these measures may include having access to a First Aid Kit in the workplace and having a staff member trained in providing First Aid.

So how do you know which kit to purchase? What risk have you assigned to your workplace? Low, moderate or high? Have you even considered the risk? Does it matter? Do you require extra modules in your work place such as an eye wash bay or burns kit? Do your employee's work on site or off? Are they in company vehicles? Do you have incident registers in place? Do you have any workplace injury policies in place?

When it comes to determining if a workplace is compliant with work health and safety legislation, the 2016 Safe work Australia, First Aid in the workplace code of practice is your goto guide.  

However if you would like to take the hassle out of checking your compliance or you would like to have an independent audit conducted, thats where we step in.

The Audit

After arranging a date and time with you, one of our team will arrive and go through a comprehensive check list after which they will go away and compile a report detailing their recommendations for your workplace.

Recommendations include:

  • Any staff training 
  • First Aid Kit's / Equipment
  • Your work place risk assessment level
  • Any potential gaps in company policy / registers
  • A Site plan

At Heart Start Training Services, we stock a variety of work place First Aid kits and Equipment and we will supply our stock list as part of the report if you would like to make a purchase.

We can also arrange First Aid training for your workplace if required and this will be at a 20% discounted rate (subject to staff numbers).

Audit Fee $300


  • Audit report with recommendations and product stock lists 
  • Assistance with installation and setup of any equipment purchased (if required)
  • 12 month offer to use 20% training discount for staff 
  • Complimentary First Aid kit supply check 12 months after purchase with reminder

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